Mission Statement

We are part of a group of web development brands. Each brand is designed to meet specific web development requirements.

VR51 is tailored to meet the needs of businesses that require full web development services such as site redesigns / rebuilds and from-the-ground-up entire site development services with administrative training.

Our sister brands and companies include VizRED, WP Service Masters, WP Frame Up and JournalXtra.

VizRED is our digital media services brand. This brand deals mostly with SEO, SMO and marketing.

WP Service Masters is our WordPress site management and maintenance brand. WP Service Masters handles technical support and administrative support.

WP Frame Up is our WordPress theme development brand. WP Frame Up develops custom theme designs. These designs are created on client request, in which case they remain unique and used solely for one site, or they are created purposely for public release & sale.

JournalXtra is our web development (technical) blog. This is written to be a resource for developers and those who wish to try their hands at WordPress development.

VR51’s mission is specific to providing full web development services designed to make certain your website performs for your business.

Contact us for more information by connecting here or by giving us a call.

US: 561 922 9605
UK: 0208 144 8383

We do not outsource to other companies. We are UK and US based. We do provide white label services for other developers who need our support.