Tech Support

VR51 specializes in web development, web development support, website management, server management, WordPress development, WordPress plugin development and WordPress theme development.

Our tech support can be hired on retainer from $200 per hour with a minimum 15 hour per month commitment.

Retainer packages cover technical support and advice and are ideal for all who need general assistance with web development.

Technical assistance furnished by retainer includes:

  • WordPress and server technical support
  • WordPress usage training
  • WordPress fault finding
  • WordPress fault resolution
  • Database backup restoration
  • WordPress backup advice
  • WordPress plugin/module installation
  • WordPress plugin/module configuration
  • WordPress code edits
  • WordPress theme installation
  • WordPress theme configuration
  • WordPress design changes
  • WordPress security advice

By contracting VR51 to supply web development and server support, you buy into our experience and benefit from our subscriptions to 3rd party premium WordPress plugins and WordPress themes.

Contact us today and speak with one of our advisers for professional web development help.

We provide first class best in service support.